Berlitz Teens English Academy 1 or 2 weeks (10% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!)

Berlitz Teens English Academy 1 or 2 weeks (10% EARLY BIRD DISCOUNT!)

Berlitz Belgium

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Berlitz Teens English Academy is a fun language programme where young people (ages 12-16) from all across Belgium come together to have summer fun participating in language workshops, entertaining activities, and sports games.

Located in Habay-La-Neuve, Luxembourg in the breathtaking Anlier Forest, Berlitz Teens English Academy is the perfect summer activity for your son or daughter, if they enjoy the outdoors, meeting new people, and want to improve their English language skills. 

Make learning English fun with exciting activities and sports games

Young people often say they don’t enjoy learning a new language because of how it is taught in schools. They often complain that when learning using the traditional method:

  • They get tired of rote learning tasks, tedious grammar exercises and dull written assignments

  • They get bored too easily, so they lose their concentration

  • They associate language learning with homework, so it becomes a tiresome chore

  • The teachers are boring, too strict and don’t have any fun, so they can’t enjoy the classes

We understand that for young people to succeed with language learning they need to be enjoying their experience. That’s why at Berlitz Teens English Academy, your son or daughter will learn English through a variety of fun language workshops, exciting sports games and engaging cultural activities.

When does Berlitz Teens English Academy take place?

You can book a single week (6 days), or two consecutive weeks (13 days) from the following dates:

  • July 2020 –– Sun 5th - Sat 11th 

  • July 2020 –– Sun 12th - Sat 18th

  • August 2020 –– Sun 16th - Sat 22nd

  • August 2020 –– Sun 23rd - Sat 29th
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